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Latest Work

Latest Work


A hot new men's label based in Los Angeles, life/after/denim features timeless pieces designed to fit with a favorite pair of jeans and blend seamlessly into any man's wardrobe.

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Latest Work

Luma Live Wallpaper

Luma is a colorful, interactive live wallpaper for Android featuring beautiful combinations of drifting shapes and colors.

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We are a high tech design agency

Flowloop started out as a high tech dotcom startup, based in Hong Kong. Our team of web savvy developers and entrepreneurs has competed with the best companies on the web. We loved it so much, we created Flowloop to share our talent and expertise with businesses to bring the cutting edge Internet to you.

Our Core Values

Rapid Development

Streamlined workflows

Through years of experience in designing and building sophisticated web applications, our efficiency is unrivalled. We work with your timetable, and ensure that milestones are hit on schedule, every time.

Premium Quality

The best the web has to offer

From design, to workflow, to technology, we pride ourselves in offering you the very best. We guarantee the highest quality and work with you until your complete satsifaction.

Web Standards

Compatibility and usability

We follow web standards with valid XHTML and CSS. We ensure our website is usable, fast loading, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for search engines.

Easy Content Management

You have full control

We always provide you with a comprehensive content management system. Through it, you can manage almost everything, from language, to transactions, to news, and products. All with a simple, easy interface that requires minimal training.

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What We Do

Web Design

More than just beautiful

We have a deep passion for web design. We raise our standards to compete with the best, and transfer that quality to you. Your website is not only beautiful but clean, accessible, and standards-compliant.

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Logo Design & Branding

Committed to your identity

We nurture long lasting relationships with our clients. Whether you're a startup looking for an identity or a corporation in need of a fresh image, we'll see it through with you all the way.

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Mobile & Internet Applications

Real world web & mobile expertise

The Internet has evolved. It has become even more ubiquitous and accessible, expanding rapidly towards mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. We've also evolved the expertise to provide multi-platform solutions that work on a range of devices.

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Where We Excel


It has to be done right

It's not just enough to have a Paypal button and a shopping cart. Can your site really convert and generate sales? Expertise in e-commerce is our specialty. We make sure you get everything right.

Cross Language and Culture

Multilingual solutions and design

We have extensive experience with multi-language websites, that must cater to a range of cultures. We are especially experienced in international websites combining English and Chinese.

Strategy, Usability, and Marketing

Harness the web for your business

We know the web. Our combined experience gives us valuable knowledge that takes years to acquire. How do you acquire and attract users? How do you handle a website's scaling and expansion, or leverage usability to double your conversions? We can tell you how.

Social Media

Networking for growth

With our roots as a finance social network, we helped to pioneer social media on the web. We have been active in this area since its creation, and can give you valuable strategies on how to leverage its potential.

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